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Notice Me is a VR game where you play as a street vendor. to get people's attention you throw your wares at them.

this game was made for the 2017 Nordic Game Jam, and it was made in about 2 days. by a group of 5 people, where i was one of them.

i contributed by programming the AI logic and the logic for the items

it was made for the HTC VIVE

How to play:

1. Pick up shop items and throw them at your potential costumers, 

2. If you hit them, they'l come and ask for an item,

3. Give them the item before they get mad and leave.

4. they'l give you money for the item, which you can throw in you cash register


Install instructions

Download zip file and unpack it, then you should be able to play the game


noticeme.zip 52 MB

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